A little news blast Posted on 22 Jan 14:30

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Because of your overwhelming support I donated just shy of $2500 to local charities in 2018. I plan on continuing this program throughout 2019 with just one change: I will be donating every quarter rather than every month.
ASPIRE is an Allentown based organization that works with the survivors of human trafficking. Their mission is to: Provide comprehensive case management to trafficking victims thereby bridging the gap between victims and services. Provide a four-level housing program including an emergency shelter, transitional housing, independent living with lived in support, and independent living components. Provide peer –led drop in center that will offer a safe place for victims to get support, meet other victims, and get linked to resources.
** Changes are Coming
You will notice that I will be sending newsletters every two weeks in 2019. This is because I plan on making lots of changes, making many small batches of different products, as well as changing my event schedule, and a few other things. I feel that an update every 2 weeks will be a better way to keep you up on my journey. Watch for the next newsletter to announce: new products, new clearance products, and a SALE!!
** Just some thoughts...
Thank you...Somehow through the wettest summer I can remember, your support pulled me through with only a 2% decrease in yearly sales. I am grateful for all of your support!
January was PA Farm Show and I expanded my booth this year, bringing new products like sachets and gift baskets, along with more soaps than even before. These changes were met with excitement and I am already planning how be able to bring more inventory, better displays, and more unique products. It was my best Farm Show to date and I hope to build on this momentum in the future!
I arrived home sick and inventory / reorganization has taken me longer than expected. I finally finished up this morning, made up my production schedule for the next 6 months, ordered supplies, and plan on making my first batches soap for 2019 on Monday!
Now I need to update the website, take pictures of new products, and make lots of soap! Until next time, follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get updates every few days and get a peek into my world...