2021 New Soaps

$ 5.00

Every month I make a number of small batches, both to keep things interesting and to test out some new scents. They are released on the 15th of each month. There is no bulk discount for these bars.

Stevia Leaf (January): Sweet mellow caramel with a hint of vanilla and brown sugar. Aloe leaf powder mixed throughout the bar.

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar (February): Just like my popular shampoo bar but made with Tea Tree essential oil. I've been told this is good for itchy scalps.

If I Had a Million Dollars (March): An interesting blend of citrus and mint top notes combined with a spicy, earthy base. It has some ground grape seeds to add a bit of texture to the bar.

Applewood Smoked Bacon (March): I've made this one before as a special order and found just a titch of it in my fragrance stash. Sweet, carmelized, fried bacon with a hint of applewood smoke. Makes a great gift for that person in your life that just can't wait for BBQ season.

Amber Woods (April): A deep mixture of patchouli, vetitver, and tobacco is the backbone of this scent. Light notes of grapefruit and ginger keep it from being heavy.

Birthday Cake (April): Sweet, buttery, vanilla icing. I even threw in some sprinkles!

Olive Oil (April): 100% olive oil, unscented. This super hard and long lasting bar of soap provides a silky lather and buttery soft skin feel. 

Patcholui (April): Smooth, classsic, woody patchouli.

Psychedelic Dreams (April): This was my most requested "make it again" soap of 2020. A unique blend of fruits, melons, citrus, and a hint of a certain scent many "hippies" will recognize. *wink wink*