ANA Box- Subscription

$ 60.00

Its finally here! A quarterly subscription box bringing you the best of A Natural Alternative Soaps plus lots more. Each box will be themed with the seasons, contain 6-10 items, and one item from another artisan of my choice. Here is how it works (please read carefully!)

Subscription Box Sign Ups:

February 1: Quarter 1 box deadline $60 (includes shipping)

May 1: Quarter 2 box deadline $60 (includes shipping)

August 1: Quarter 3 box deadline $60 (includes shipping)

November 1 Quarter 4 box deadline $60 (includes shipping)


Subscription Box Shipping:

Quarter 1: March 15, 2019

Quarter 2: June 15, 2019

Quarter 3: September 15, 2019

Quarter 4: December 15, 2019

Subscription Box Contents:

Each box will contain 6-10 items (total) and may include one or more products in the following categories:

  • Full Size 2018 Regular Line Products
  • Full Size new/test phase items (never sold before at shows or online)
  • Test fragrances and/or flavors- may be in test products or in sold products
  • Test Size products- may be products I make already but I am testing new packaging, or testing new product but won't be sent in final packaging or sizes
  • Product from another artisan or product I love and want to share with you

Subscription Box 2019:

This year the theme is BIOMES! What is a biome? A biome is a large, distinctive complex of plant communities created and maintained by climate. Using these as a guide I will be able to explore the whole world! I can’t wait to look into the past and present to find inspiration for fragrances and herbal products.

Quarter 1: Theme: Forest (Rain forest, Deciduous Forest, Conifer Forests)- Think spruce, fir, orchids and more

Quarter 2: Theme: Desert: Think Cacti, Sagebrush, Mesquite, and fast growing annual flowers and herbs

Quarter 3: Theme: Tundra: Think mosses, lichens, fast growing annuals

Quarter 4: Theme: Grassland (Prairies & Plains): Think grasses, grains, and perennial herbs


  • Products may not be labeled with ingredients, but will have directions and will not have the final "pretty" labels they would have to be sold
  • Ingredients and fragrances TBD- the surprise is half the fun. If you don't like it or can't use it I hope you just pass it on to someone who can
  • I may need to make a few changes as this develops. This isn't to trick you, its just because I'm learning here too :)


All 4 Quarters: $220 ($5 discount per box and includes shipping)

Quarterly: $60 (includes shipping)