Wool Wash 8 oz.

$ 12.00

Fragrance Descriptions:

    Almond: Nutty with added notes of brown sugar and cinnamon. A modern twist on the classic almond fragrance.

    Black Cherry: An effervescent black cherry fragrance with gentle oatmeal

    Ginger White Tea: Fresh and slightly spiced, this fragrance is invigorating with subtle notes of exotic tea. It’s refreshing to the  senses while evoking a warm feeling timelessness.

    Lavender: A light, pleasant floral soothes and relaxes

    Lavender-Peppermint: The fresh sweet floral of lavender blended with the sweet sharp and penetrating scent of peppermint

    Lemongrass: A sweet, herbaceous, lemony aroma

    Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey: Not too sweet: a light, creamy, silky scent, slightly cookie-like

    Ocean Tides: A clean, crisp, refreshing, watery fragrance, with just a hint of pine

    Orange Cinnamon: Although this fragrance is more of an upbeat take on holiday fragrances; with its energizing smell of orange it can be used all year around!

    Rejuvenation: A blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils combine for a refreshing, invigorating fragrance

    Unscented: Completely unscented (not even a masking fragrance) so this smells like just the soap and nothing more.

Product Information: If this is the first time you have washed the article and the article contains more than one color, ensure it is colorfast before immersing in water.  Be sure to choose the proper Wool Wash for your needs. I suggest using Wool Wash With Lanolin for your wool items and Wool Wash Lanolin Free for all other items.

Hand Washing:
    Add one pump of Wool Wash to your wash tub. Add enough tepid water to completely cover the item.
    Soak it for 15 minutes (minimum). Gently squeeze items to incorporate water and soap throughout fibers. Do not agitate item.
    Gently squeeze out water, do not twist. No need to rinse. Some color may bleed into the water, especially during the items first soak.

Machine Washing
Wool Wash is great for both regular and high efficiency (HE) machines.
    Add it just as you would a liquid laundry detergent, typically 2-3 pumps of Wool Wash for a small load.
    Run the machine on the delicate cycle, cool or tepid water only, no rinse cycle needed.

Spot Cleaning
    Put some Wool Wash on the end of a cotton swab, gently rub the stain, and then rinse with cool or tepid water.

    Dry all items out of direct heat and sunlight.
    Lay knit articles flat on clean dry towel.  Roll article in towel to remove excess moisture.  Lay flat to dry on drying rack or clean dry towel.

Ingredients: Water, Potassium Cocoate (made from organic coconut oil), Potassium Oleate (made from organic sunflower oil), Lauryl Betaine (made from vegetable oils), Glycerin (organic origin), Benzyl Alcohol (plant-based and naturally derived), Potassium Palm Kernelate (made from palm kernel oil), Palm Kernel Acid (made from palm kernel oil), Decyl Glucoside (synthetic), Potassium Citrate (made from citric acid), Essential Oils and/or Fragrance

Customers have commented on how strong the scents are in the bottles.  That is due to how concentrated this product is.  So little is needed for each wash.   I tested each scent at the shop by washing swatches of wool and alpaca blends. When used per directions, the faint lingering scent is quite pleasant, not strong at all.