COVID-19 Statement

These are trying and changing times that we are all experiencing. Rather than saying that we are " all in the same boat" I like to think that we are all in separate boats, weathering the same storm.

How am I trying to keep you (and me) safe?

First, my workshop is currently closed to the public (really, it always is but I used to make exceptions now and again). I have had friends help in the past, and that is currently not happening as well. I am the only person who has touched your products from the time they are made through the time they have been put in the box to ship.

I am only purchasing supplies from places that have strict COVID parameters in place and that I trust because I have had longstanding business relationships with them. This does mean certain products may experience a shortage because I am just not willing to buy some things someplace else if I can't get them from a trusted source. Better safe than sorry. All supplies are checked to be sure their cartons have not been damaged (so the insides are still safe and clean). Items are removed from their cartons outside the workshop when possible and those cartons go directly to the recycling bin.

Once an item is made it is boxed and stored until sale. This happens as quickly as possible so as to reduce the chance of any cross contamination should it occur.

I am pretty strictly quarantining myself. Most things are delivered or picked up at curbside, I am not eating inside restaurants (and barely sitting outside to eat unless its super quiet), and my circle of people I interact with regularly is currently just three (who have the same protocols in place as I do).

I am masking up whenever I go out and if I feel particularly vulnerable that may even mean a double layer (sometimes you just just have to go and do things you don't want to)

Should I begin to feel sick I shall suspend manufacture and shipping until either I feel better or it is determined I am COVID free.

If you have any other questions about how I am handling the pandemic please feel free to contact me at

Stay healthy!