I grew up in the small town of Perth, NY. I was close to the earth, always outside, making mud pies when young, and when older, riding my bike everywhere I wanted to go.

I graduated college from SUNY Brockport with a degree in theater. I loved to design and build sets, but most of what I loved was to paint them. The brush in my hand, the mixing of colors, even the smell of the paint was something I was passionate about. When I graduated, I moved to Las Vegas and worked for a company that built some of the best scenery and rides around.

Life took me to Orlando, Florida. Working for one of the major theme parks in town taught me about budgeting, planning, and lots about office politics. I wanted to be creative again; I needed to be creative again.

It was during this time that I started to learn about my own issues: that avoiding many preservatives and ingredients would make my skin look and feel so much better. During this search for the most natural products, I was led to the art of cold processed soap making. Quickly I had too much for my friends and family to use, so I started selling it at craft shows. It still amazes me to this day that anyone bought those early bars and encouraged me to make more.

Just a year or two later life once again took a turn and brought me to Pennsylvania. My business grew into a full-time endeavor. Due to the Internet, people from all over learned about me and ordered my products.

Now two decades later life has taken another turn and I have relocated to Wisconsin. We just found our perfect home, and my workshop is well underway.

No matter what, my life constant is soap making. When you buy my products, you bring home a little piece of me. I make everything myself, from scratch, using my own recipes and formulations. I only make products that are free of preservatives, detergents, and dyes. All of my products are vegetarian, many are vegan, most are gluten-free as well.

I make what I love and I hope that you love it too. I am always available to make something special just for you.