August 2020 NEW

$ 5.00

Every month I am making between 3 and 6 new (and sometimes old favorites) scents in small batches. (sometimes very small batches). Because so few are available and due to ingredient cost, there is no discount on these soaps.

Kitchen Soap: The coffee in this soap absorbs orders and makes it perfect for suing in the kitchen after cutting onions or fish.

Jewel Weed: I usually make and use Pine Tar soap for when people get poison ivy, but I was given a big bag of dried jewel weed, so I decided to make it up and let you all try and let me know what you think. It certainly smells less medicinal than Pine Tar, I just don't know how it works as I am not allergic to poison ivy.

Grime-B-Gone: Unscented soap with a good punch of pumice. Its not for the faint of heart.