July 2020 NEW

$ 5.00

Every month I am making between 3 and 6 new (and sometimes old favorites) scents in small batches. (sometimes very small batches). Because so few are available and due to ingredient cost, there is no discount on these soaps.

Irish Moss: Because of its naturally soothing properties, Irish moss is often used as a skin softener in commercial cosmetic products and lotions. Irish moss supports skin's natural moisture barrier and keeps harmful, drying external elements out and beneficial moisture in. It supports the skin's ability to retain vital moisture and essential lipids and helps to support healthy skin appearance

Activated Charcoal: This is the same activated charcoal soap I have been offering. This will be the last batch I make in 2020.

Stargazer Lily: My personal favorite flower, I don't know how I went this long not making this scent.