Mini-Soap Sampler

$ 15.00

This sampler contains one each of the six mini soaps I currently make. Soaps approximately 2″ in diameter, 3/4″ thick, and .75 ounce in weight. Due to the fact they are handmade there may be slight variations between bars but I do my best to stay within these parameters.

Lemongrass: A sweet, herbaceous, lemony aroma

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey: A warm inviting fragrance

Ginger White Tea: Fresh and slightly spiced, this fragrance is invigorating with subtle notes of exotic tea

Rejuvenation: A blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils combine for a refreshing, invigorating fragrance

Avocado Almond: Nutty with added notes of brown sugar and cinnamon. A modern twist on the classic almond fragrance.

Lavender: A light, pleasant floral soothes and relaxes

These soaps are made by a process called hand milling. This process takes more time, but produces a harder, longer lasting, bar of soap that many say has a more luxurious lather. Most of my soaps are also all made with organic whole milk which improves their skin feel. All of my products are made from my own recipes; no premade bases or mixes of any kind are used. They are all free from preservatives and detergents as well as dyes. This means no sulfates, parabens, or phalates.