Special Orders

 Special Orders:

I specialize in helping customers with special skincare needs. My manufacturing process is centered on making small batches. This makes it easy for me to change fragrances and ingredients quickly. With thousands of fragrances and essential oils available to me, I can work with you to blend your perfect fragrance. Want a specific ingredient? I can easily customize any product to suit your particular desires.

Every year I help dozens of customers achieve their soapy dreams. I made many new fragrances including Grapefruit, Dragon’s Blood, and even Bacon! I put a new spin on existing products by making shampoo bars in different fragrances, including Bug Off and Pina Colada. I already have special lip balms (vanilla-mint) and lotion bars (black pepper) that I have made this year.

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Special Occasions:

My products can easily be put into gift baskets. I have a variety of sizes to choose from and can meet just about any budget. Great for office gifts, bereavement gifts, teacher gifts, and holiday gifts. Also, I easily can private label my products to suit your needs. Whether you provide me with artwork, or I work with you and design to your specifications, private labeling is simple and affordable. Designed labels are great for corporate gifts, or to commemorate a special occasion such as a bridal shower. Contact me for more information and/or a quote.


I love to take part in fundraising, let me help you reach your goal. There are two options available. You can go and sell my best selling products the old fashioned way with an order form, or you can give out a code for web orders that alerts me that they have come from your organization. Many places do both at the same time, this lets people from both near and far help you with your cause.

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