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Just received my second order of soaps, I love them !! I even love the cool round shapes !! Keep making them !! Mike T 2014

I bought your oatmeal soap at a fair last year and loved it. Just found the little bag it came in (which I had saved) to remember where I got it. Thanks for following me and I expect to be placing an order in the near future. Christine 2014

Just wanted to take a moment to say the oatmeal milk and honey soap is amazing. I have very sensitive skin and scalp, including mild case of psoriasis. My head has always been very sensitive. Over the years, i found that whittling down to using moisturizing body washes worked best on my skin and scalp. but it wasn’t perfect. I found your stand at the 2013 Musikfest and bought 1 bar. At first i was really scared because it left that bar of soap, stripped skin feeling, and i expected to be extremely itchy. what shocked me, was my skin did NOT dry out or get itchy. In fact, now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks, my skin is much much calmer. I actually feel almost like a vibrating sensation after i towel off. I think it may be the fact that my pores are wide open instead of clogged with chemicals; ie, actually clean! so to finish the thought, i have since started using it on my head to. I’m a guy, so i have short hair and i don’t really care what it does to my hair, but my scalp has felt amazing since i started doing it. This is the least irritated and itchy my head has ever been (in fact its practically not itchy at all any more) Thank you for making these. We need more local products for food and health, and you are at the forefront of it all! Just placed my first online order, and there are many more orders to come for sure!!! (P 2013)

Picked up your shampoo bar and WOW!at Musikfest, And the first time I washed my hair it seemed to have more body and curl!! I went to church and got complimented, especially on the back of my head. I had no idea that the shampoo I had been using (which seemed to flatten my hair out) was wrong for me. Just ordered 2 more. It is awesome thanks so much for developing it and selling it! BY the by -one of my travel soap dishes was exactly the right size too!! Blessings to you and your family, Love, Christina

Just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful product. We picked up 2 of the Bug-off Lotion Bars at The Kutztown Folk Festival and got to use them while in Chincoteague, Va for Pony Penning Week. Chincoteague is known for how bad the mosquitoes, horse flies, and ticks are. During the entire week we did not get one bite from anything and even while out on the canoe in the salt grass channels nothing bothered us. Thank you again. (Jason A. 2013)

I was just down to the farmers market twice today at the university, to buy your soaps, lotions, lip balms. Just wanted to let you know, great job, I really love your products. I will be back. The Blue Lagoon smell is amazing! Thanks Dawn (2013)

I was amazed how soon after I placed my order the package arrived. I love your soap, even my husband is happy with his two bars of bay rum. We first found your soap at Kristkindlemarkt; this past December, I bought a bar of shampoo soap. It is wonderful, and it lasted two months, as I shampoo my hair three times a week. Now I have a year’s supply, unless I decide to give some of my cache away, as it also makes a nice gift. My daughter loves it too. Cate (2013)

Hi Hedge! It was nice talking to you on the phone this afternoon. I will be sending you my order later this evening for some clearance soap products. I wanted to let you know I really love your soap especially the shampoo bars. People look at me like I’m crazy at first when I tell them I wash my hair using a bar soap, but then I explain how wonderful it makes my hair look and feel.Since purchasing my first shampoo bar over the summer at the Bath Farmer’s market, I have stopped using conditioner and my hair looks healthier and feels cleaner! I also love the regular soaps too. They lather nicely and I always feel refreshed. I have stopped using special soaps for my face, which is very sensitive. Cheers! Deb (2013)

Hi Hedge! Just wanted to thank you for your kindness in sending me the sachets! I have to tell you in this world today it is very unlikely to find a business or a business person who would take the time to apologize, let alone send the product you were inquiring about as a gift!! In that simple act of honesty and decency you will be having me as a customer of yours forever! I will be looking forward to meeting you at Chriskindlmrt in Bethlehem this month! Thanx Again For Your Kindness! Russ (2010)

I received my package yesterday and I just wanted to say WOW! The gift baskets are better then anything I could have imagined! Thank you so much for putting so much thought and style into such wonderful gifts, I love them so much I wish I was receiving them as gifts! I just wanted to let you know how much I love them! Thanks again! Kristin (2010)

I found you at Mayfair in May 2010  I am a local Emmaus guy searching for the last 3 years to find a good shaving soap I’ve been a badger brush user for 5 years and can not seem to find a good soap, until I bought your shaving soap its great it gives me a close smooth shave without after shave irritation and no scent. This is a great  product. Thanks again.  You have a customer for life. Ryan W. (2010)

Best Oakmoss I have ever used. Cannot wait to try her other fragrances. Janet P (2010)

Just wanted to let you know that I think your the Kelp Soap is fantastic.  I still need to use moisturizer afterward, but your soap seems to make the texture of my skin finer and firmer.  If you ever develop a kelp moisturizer, it could be a whole new product line for you. Whatever you’ve got in that bar formula, it works! Dorothy (2010)
FYI: The Kelp Soap can be found on the “Specialty Soaps” page and it is named  “Angie’s Facial Soap”
Hi Hedge- just a message from Yorkshire, UK to say how much I love your soaps! Well worth every penny for postage, they are amongst the best I have ever tried in my long and exhaustive sampling of yummy toiletries (it’s a hard life ;-) ). The only soap I have found that rivals it is L’Occitane, so you are second only to a high quality French brand! Plus they don’t have anything to rival your Patchouli, which is probably my favourite so far. Looking forward to working my way through more, will definitely be placing an order again soon.
Excellent quality, affordable, smell gorgeous and leave my skin feeling fabulous – thanks Hedgey! Juila (2010)

I just wanted to tell you how great the shampoo bar worked on my son…our story was that he was having some dry/itchy skin issues and I did not want to use the chemical shampoos on him. A few weeks after using the shampoo bar on a regular basis his hair is shiny and no more itchies! I got my Dad hooked on it too! Thanks for another great natural product. I use your soap and bath salts on a regular basis–buy enough when I am home in Bethlehem to last until the next craft show. Carol (2009)

I compliment you on an excellent product. I had a rash on my scalp for about 6 months that just would not go away no matter what expensive shampoo I used. I have been using you natural shampoo for 6 months and the rash is gone and my hair is healthier. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! Bill in Macungie, PA  (2009)

I was looking for a natural alternative for soaps and skin products. 3 years ago I met Hedge at Musikfest. Not only did the soaps rejuvenate my skin but it kept the mosquitoes away. I have been bite free all this time, a very wonderful thing for me since I am allergic to mosquito bites, among other things. I shared the “Bug Off!” soap with our Scout troop and for the most part they were amazed by the effectiveness as well. Thanks Hedge for being so dedicated. I look forward to your next shows. Emily G. (2009)    FYI: Bug Off soaps can be found on the “Specialty Soaps” page, and a Bug Off Lotion bar can be found on the “Lotion Bars” page.  I suggest showering with the soap and then applying the lotion bar throughout the day as needed.

I met you at the Kindlemart in Bethlehem & purchased bath fizzies. They are WONDERFUL. I will be ordering more and look forward to your after Christmas specials. Sue W (2009)

I sing your praises constantly…you are honestly the whole package…a great friend, and honest and thoughtful businesswoman, and a talented artisan whose product is simply beyond compare…and believe me, I’ve tried so many other soaps…but now that I’ve found and used yours, as far as i am concerned, other soaps are not even in the same class…not even close…and to be able to deal with such a sweet and thoughtful person is just an added bonus…And while it’s true that I use and love your other soapy treasures, “my” soap is simply THE best…gentle and moisturizing without feeling like my skin has been assaulted…the lather is velvety and comforting and I feel clean without feeling dry and crackly…my very finicky skin thanks you!! Angie C in NC (2009)   FYI: You can find Angie’s Facial Soap on the “Specialty Soaps” page.

Greetings! I just had to visit your website to drop you a line to tell you how much I am enjoying your products. I visited your booth at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA this week and bought Bath Fizzys (One of each! They smell so good!), Lavender Body Bar (2), and Lip Balms. I showed my Mom my purchases and she loves them too–I had to share! (Great gift idea for Mom!) Thank you so much for the obvious care and genuine passion you have for your creations. It feels great to use natural products, and to know they were made with love by a real person, not a factory. Wishing you much success and prosperity in your business! Annie (2009)

I have tried many “natural” products, only to be disappointed or worse yet injured by the use. However, by chance, walking through the XPN Festival I came upon you. You took the time to chat with me, talk about what my body craves and can handle. You even explained the differences in lather to my boyfriend. I left with a bagful of soaps and Green Apple (lip balm-best flavor). It is not only apparent by the actual product, but by the passion you have when you speak, that you will be receiving something great from you. I have been spending much of my time raving about you to my family and friends. I use nothing but your products now, and can see no reason in the future to change that. Please continue to do what you do, it is phenomenal!! – Laura (2009)

I am a newly converted consumer of your product. I’ve always seen and read about natural soaps, but since trying your product I’m not going back to commercial products. I’ve only been using your product for a week and can see a major difference. I used to have to apply lotion after every shower…no more. I just simply apply baby oil and my skin does not need any additional moisturizers throughout the day. I’ve even noticed that my skin tone has evened out. I am looking forward to purchasing the facial bar which I wish I had purchased at the Kutztown fair:-( I’m a Facebook junkie and will be spreading the word! B. Taylor (2011)

I just wanted to share with you how happy I am with your soaps. I have wanted to transition to all-natural soaps for a while now, but was apprehensive because my skin is very prone to oil buildup and breakouts. I had a regimen of wash/toner/lotion that I had to follow to a T, otherwise missing a day or missing a component of the regimen completely changed my skin. Even right after a wash my skin was shiny. I wasn’t using an all-natural product, and even the other all-natural soaps I’ve tried weren’t to my liking. They left my skin very very dry. At the ArtsQuest Steelstacks Farmer’s Market I thought I’d give you guys a try, and bought five bars of soap and one bar of the facial soap with kelp. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier with any kind of skin care product, or hygiene product in general. I NEVER have to lotion or use toner. My skin NEVER breaks out. The soaps smell wonderful. I have peace of mind knowing I’m using an all-natural product made with care by someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. I want you to know I will be a lifelong customer because the quality and prices of your soaps are impossible to beat. Furthermore, your passion and dedication to creating a quality, healthy product is something I have a great deal of respect for and am very happy to support your business however I can. At the Farmer’s Market you and your father were patient, informative, and very nice. Its great to see that kind of customer service still exists. I’m looking forward to seeing what other soapy concoctions you come up with, and being a lifelong customer! Thanks a bunch! E. Beyer (2011)

I spoke to you at the Kutztown Folk Festival.  I also bought a couple of your soaps and the peppermint lip balm.  I love them!  Now I just have to figure out how to get to one of the events you will be at!  Thanks so much!  You have a great product. Kathy (2011)

I received your soaps the other day, and appreciate all the extras that you included -thank you! My five year old and I also tried one of your soaps this morning in the shower and we loved it – it really feels wonderful on the skin. I gave one to our cleaning lady and she’s thrilled as well! Thanks again. Rachel (2011)

Just a note to say I discovered your stuff at the Bethlehem Art Show on Mother’s Day. I purchased a bar of Oakmoss Soap. I love it! It reminds me of the scent of the guest soaps my aunt put out in her powder room. I lost that scent for years until I found it again thanks to you. I am the kind of person whose mood can improve greatly when I experience certain scents! So thank you for this great creative thing you do. I wish you all the best. Mary G. (2011)

Love the soaps, very gentle on my skin which often reacts to fragrances. Your soaps with the fragrances do not cause me any irritation. Donna M. (2011)

I met you at the farm and fibre day, i was the hair bow vendor and i had my little girl with me. We have been using the bath fizz and the soap since Saturday night. Her eczema cleared on her thighs and her skin hasn’t felt like this since she was born. My skin also has changed in just four days of using. I Love it. I look forward to needing more, im so glad i bought so much! Nicole M. (2011)

One of my co-workers (whom I have supplied with soaps) informed me today that her dog had been diagnosed with some kind of skin chemical sensitivities some time ago and had been loosing its hair. She continued to inform me that she had been using the oatmeal black cherry soap that I gave her when I returned from my vacation, on the dog and the others for herself.  She said she took the dog for his check up yesterday and the Vet was amazed that his skin appeared so healthy and the fur has nearly all grown back.  Just thought you should know, the soaps are being used as part of holistic veterinary medicine as well (giggles). I sure hope I am not the only one that has such enthusiasm about your soaps, cause that would just make me creepy.  You have no idea how good it feels not have skin issues anymore due to allergens from soap and shampoo.  I had no idea I would have such results, and I didn’t think my skin could ever feel baby soft with such pleasant aromas to boot.  These products have truly changed my life, no one would believe that unless they felt their skin on fire from commercial products as I endured the majority of my life, until I came across your booth seven years ago.  I don’t promote just cause you are nice :D big grin, and you are, but because the product is genuine and helps those of us with extreme sensitivities. I know the pain and understand the emotional impact of skin problems. Emily G (2011)